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MindScape Academy offers professional online and in-person seminars worldwide, teaching the MindScape system. Easy to learn but incredibly powerful, MindScape provides a structured framework that enables you to tap into the latent power of your mind and unleash your creativity, imagination and intuition.

By incorporating the proven benefits of the alpha mind and working with Jungian tools, MindScape facilitates personal growth and awareness, helping you to connect with your inner guidance to determine the right path and choices for you at any given moment.

Regular use of MindScape provides a platform for you to strengthen your mental faculties, memory and learning abilities, improve your health and fitness, make the right life choices and transcend limiting beliefs held in your subconscious mind.

Our seminars are often described as "simply mind-blowing" by participants who experience the sheer power of their intuitive mind to tune into information they previously believed was impossible. Whether you're looking to improve your life, manifest your goals, excel at sports, access your inner wisdom or simply expand your mind, MindScape provides the key to achieve your goals.

Our Advanced MindScape and MindScape MasterClasses offer the opportunity to take your MindScape training to a deeper level to change your reality.

Sign up for a MindScape class today and discover how to unlock the power of your mind. The possibilities are endless!

Imagination will take you everywhere
MindScape Seminars

Your MindScape Journey begins with either the online or in-person MindScape seminar. This seminar is described as 'simply mind-blowing', and you will come away with a powerful structure that you can use to improve every aspect of your life.

Advanced MindScape Seminars
Advanced MindScape

Advanced MindScape:Another Dimension

This Online seminar is designed for those who have taken the basic MindScape seminar and want to significantly enhance their ability to use MindScape and trust in their own intuition.

MindScape MasterClasses
MindScape MasterClasses

The live online Master Classes are designed for those who have taken MindScape, and want to delve deeper into using MindScape to change their reality in specific areas of their life such as Money & Success and Relationships.

12 Days of MindScape online seminar
The 12 Days of MindScape

A brand new recorded online seminar for anyone who has previously taken the basic MindScape Seminar. In addition to the 12 specific themed audio-recorded meditations you can follow in your own time, this online class includes additional written guidance and questionnaires for you to journal your insight and receive tailored feedback and additional prompts from Andy Spencer.

Become a MindScape Instructor
Become an Instructor

MindScape is taught online and in-person seminars around the world. We are always looking for high calibre individuals who have the ability to connect with and inspire people from all walks of life. Training to become an instructor and then teaching this mind-blowing course is a fantastic opportunity for your own personal growth.

Host a MindScape Seminar
Host a MindScape Seminar

If you have a good network of contacts, clients or colleagues, why not consider hosting a MindScape seminar? We work with many coordinators internationally. If you have a passion for inspiring others and can bring together a group for a MindScape class then we would love to hear from you. For non-English speaking countries we have a team of translators in German, French and Portuguese.

Andy Spencer Facilitator for MindScape Seminars


Andy Spencer

Andy Spencer is a highly experienced and inspiring Senior Advanced MindScape Trainer, with over 11 years of teaching the MindScape system internationally. He has a professional background as a Chartered Accountant working in Corporate Finance and private equity for 20 years in London, UK, where he advised and invested in growth companies,

With a strong business pedigree, Andy has the ability to inspire students from all backgrounds to tune into and enhance their intuitive abilities in a fun and professional way. His dedication to sharing the MindScape system has led him to train new MindScape Instructors around the world, and he has already taught over 1,000 students through both online and in-person seminars in various locations across the globe.

From the bustling cities of the USA, such as New York, LA, Seattle, and Philadelphia, to the beautiful landscapes of Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, Manitoba, and Saskatoon, and from the vibrant cities of Asia, such as Hong Kong, KL, Bali, and Singapore, to the stunning locations of Australia and New Zealand, Andy has shared his expertise and passion for MindScape with students from different cultures and backgrounds.

Andy is a family man, with four children aged 12 to 24, and he resides near London, England. He brings a unique blend of professionalism, passion, and personal experience to his teaching, and his students find his seminars both inspiring and grounding.